HT-101 Harry Taylor Putter

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Hosel Style
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One Design,
Two Hosel Options

Offset or Straight

In putting, your ability to line the face up squarely to your target line is paramount to your success. That all starts with how you set the club behind the ball. Some players find it easier with a straight hosel, others with an offset. There's no "right way", it's preference. That's why we have two options.

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Engineering you can trust

Friendly Forgiveness

You never miss the center of the putter, right? Well, just in case you ever do, Harry's got your back. The HT-101 is precision milled, perimeter weighted, and features the perfect amount of toe-hang. If you happen to hit your putt a little off-center the HT-101's design will keep you on line and on speed.

Meet your new best friend on the greens!

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That's why the ht-101's are here

The HT-101's design helps you line putts up with precision. Then the craftmanship and engineering makes sure your stroke is true.

The combination means you're more successful on the greens.

Right-handed only. 35 inches.

HT Putter Grip
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HT Putter Grip Black/Red Standard 52g Round .580 Textured Harry Taylor